Have you been told by well-meaning friends and fam to write an expiry on your offer?

Our advice here at Red Fox? Don’t.

Why? Two reasons.

The first is that you don’t need one.

An offer doesn’t have a set validity period. How long it stays on the table is up to you. 

When you make an offer in WA on a contract of offer and acceptance, it’s just that – an offer. It only becomes legally binding once it’s accepted. 

You can withdraw your offer anytime – you just SMS or email the agent (always ensure you’ve got written proof that includes the date and time).

If you’re not happy with the offer process – withdraw your offer. 

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If the seller is dragging their heels and you see something else you want to buy instead – withdraw your offer.  (By the way, never submit multiple offers; you don’t want to have more than one accepted and get caught with multiple legally binding contracts!)

And the second reason?

Writing an expiry on an offer is like holding a gun to the seller’s head. No one likes feeling forced to do something, and in our experience, offer expiry’s are not well received.

You want to buy the property, right? So a condition that puts the seller on the defensive won’t help that outcome.

Suppose you genuinely need a response within a specific time frame. In that case, the better option is to communicate that directly to the selling agent – we can then advise the sellers without it coming across as a demand.

So next time you make an offer and need a timely response, talk to the selling agent and leave off the expiry.

Good luck!