There are a lot of different ways to sell real estate.

Some agents choose to focus on volume. 

Get ‘em in, get ‘em up, get ‘em out.

Like McDonald’s, it’s successful. In its own way.

Homes get sold. Sellers move on. Everyone gets paid.


It’s the predominant model spruiked by many real estate trainers and coaches. 

Cut & paste. Replicate.

On the surface, it can look great.

Look at how many homes we sell!

For some agents, that volume approach is the most authentic to them. They’re laser-focused on the simplest and fastest way to the end result. 

A deal is a deal, right? Job done.

At Red Fox, we don’t do lots of ways. We do our way.

Quality over quantity.

We don’t focus on the number of homes we sell (although our stats show we do pretty well there too), but on doing what we do better than anyone else. 

Better advice, better service, better systems, and more attention, effort & skill at every stage of the selling process.

How much is my property worth?
We'll prepare a full appraisal report of your property based on our vast local knowledge and market activity.
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Because we’re proud #girlyswots. We can’t work any other way.

We want to find you the best buyer, not just the first one.

We know you’ll benefit financially when we tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.

We know the $dollars are in the detail.

And we want to extract as many of them for you as we can.

We measure our success on four things, not just one:

  1. Days on market
  2. Actual $ result achieved
  3. The proportion of the homes we sell to the number of homes we list
  4. Client reviews

The first three tell us how we’ll we’re selling, the last tells us how well we’re serving you.

We believe that if we stay focused on getting the best possible outcomes for our clients, we’ll be successful too.

And our consistent RateMyAgent awards, average days on market compared to our competitors, sale prices, and ongoing referral business, prove it works.

That’s our buzz.

We choose quality. And you.

If that sounds like the kind of agency you want to work with to sell your home, call Nat now on 0405 812 273.  Let’s tee up a chat and see how we can help you.