Do you know what the top turn-offs are for home buyers? After hosting thousands of home opens over the years, we do.

Here are seven traps to avoid when selling your property.

1.Clutter and mess

It’s distracting and interferes with buyers’ being able to imagine themselves living there. A buyer is buying their home, not yours. You’re moving anyway; start packing!

2. Dirt

Perfectly decent flooring, bathrooms & kitchens will look to buyers like they need immediate replacing if they haven’t been cleaned well.

3. Odours

Pet smells, cigarette smoke, or cooking smells can be a major turn-off. Ensure you air out your home and eliminate any unpleasant odours before viewings. And don’t go overboard on candles – they can be just as offputting!

4. Outdated fixtures and finishes

Things like old & broken light fittings, tapware, shower screens, or window treatments can all detract from the appeal of your home. Consider cheaply updating these to create a fresher look.

5. Poor maintenance

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Homes that need work give the impression of being unloved. And buyers tend to catastrophise that they’ll inherit even more problems. So before listing your home, make sure to address any necessary repairs, such as leaky gutters, broken tiles, or dodgy structures.

6. Lack of natural light

Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Consider adding lamps to brighten up dim corners and spaces. Replace low-watt globes with something brighter.

7. Mediocre street appeal

A buyer’s first impression of your home is crucial. Clean up the front yard, trim hedges and trees, remove dead plants, mow the lawns (or weeds) and mulch garden beds to create a tidy and inviting exterior.

There’s no point spending several thousand dollars in marketing fees if certain aspects of your home have buyers turning on their heels soon after they’ve walked through the door. Or worse, not bothering to see it at all.

Taking care of these simple things will increase your buyer appeal, help you sell for more, and help you sell more quickly.

And if you’re not sure what you need to do, ask your agent. A great agent will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, to help you maximise your selling result. And if they can’t help, find another agent!