“We’ve got time”.

Which is typically followed by, “We’re not in a hurry, we can wait until we get our price”.

Take it from us here at Red Fox:

Time is not your friend when you’re selling.

As we explain to our sellers, it’s not how long you’ve been on the market, it’s how long the buyer has been in the market.

The peak hits for a property are in the first two days of listing online.

The peak turnout for home opens is the first weekend.

We’ve seen buyer numbers fall by as much as 75% by the second weekend of inspections – it’s typically a trickle after that.

The number one question we get asked by buyers at home opens?

“How long has the property been on the market?”

How much is my property worth?
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Even when we’re minutes into the first viewing.

Why? Because in a market where quality houses are mostly selling in the first week, buyers are working out if your property is in demand or not.

If you’re into your second or third week of home opens, and there’s been no offers, or you’ve received offers but not dealt with them or rejected them, the buyers are asking themselves, “How come?”.

“Is this home overpriced? Are the sellers’ expectations unrealistic? What’s wrong with it?”

Next thing you know you’ve gone stale. The initial pool of hot buyers that rushed to see it when you launched has been and gone – the best buyer lost. You have to wait and hope for individual new buyers to enter the market. You need to adjust the price and find yourselves chasing the market backwards. It rarely ends well.

Seeing sellers end up in this scenario breaks our hearts.

It happens when expectations are unrealistic or a seller hangs to their price for too long. When they’ve fallen for the promise of a price by an agent. When they’ve been given poor advice on presentation. Or when they’re under-marketed.

If you hear yourself saying “We’ve got time”, “We’re not in a rush” or any variation thereof when you meet with your agent to discuss selling or an early offer – stop! Take stock, and listen to the hopefully appropriate feedback and counsel from your selling agent. 

It’s a lot of money to put on the roulette wheel.