If you’ve been watching the current season of The Block, you’ll know that Georgia from House #1 (a Beaufort Street local btw) asked buyers agent and suburb resident Nicole Jacobs to meet up with them before finalising their floorplan and design direction. Why? She wanted an expert option on what buyers in the area look for and would find most appealing. That was a savvy move. And something all potential sellers and renovators can learn from.

A lot of sellers get an agent in to appraise their home after they’ve spent time and money getting their house ready for sale. I get it, you want us to see the house when it’s looking schmick rather than its usual tip (or is that just my house?). Probably because you think we’re likely to quote a higher price if it’s all done – right?

But asking us to come through after you’ve done all the work is missing a trick. It’s also a financial risk.


Because what you might think buyers want, and what we as agents know they want, can be two different things.

Plunging into making improvements before you’ve consulted an agent means you could end up spending your hard-earned cashola and precious hours on changes that may not make any difference to the appeal or sale price of your home. You could also run out of dosh (and time) and not be able to make the changes that you discover, too late, would have put extra dollars in your pocket. Ouch.

Experienced local agents deal with buyers day in and day out. We can meet as many as 300 (that’s groups of buyers btw) in just one weekend. Every week they tell us what they like, and what they don’t.

Right now, in most areas I sell in, for example, the majority of buyers are looking for properties that are move-in ready. They’re not interested in replacing a leaking gutter or picking up a paintbrush and painting out a 90’s feature wall. They want to plonk down their couch, hang up their clothes, order Uber eats and get on with living.

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That doesn’t mean to you to rip out and replace your kitchen. There are often very simple things you can do to significantly improve the presentation and appeal of your home, but if you don’t ask an expert, you’re less likely to know.

You might think you should renovate the laundry to create an additional bathroom, whereas your money might be better spent on a new coat of white paint and pretty staging instead.

If you’re thinking of renovating or selling, there’s no need to guess or go it alone. Just pick up the phone and get professional advice before you start the process so your time, effort, and money is going where it will be rewarded.

Go House #1

PS – you can see what she said here.

Image credit – The Block

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