Hello Perth caffeine aficionados and property lovers!

Ever wondered if there’s a connection between the quality of your local café and the value of your home?

Grab a cuppa because we’re about to spill the beans (pun intended) on how your favourite coffee spot might just be a hidden indicator of your property’s worth.

The latte line

Let’s start with the basics. Good cafés are often a sign of a thriving community. It’s where locals gather, friendships brew, and ideas percolate. If your local café is buzzing with activity, chances are, so is the property market in your area. We call this the “Latte Line”—the invisible boundary separating hot, in-demand suburbs from the lukewarm ones.

The bean quality quotient

You can tell a lot about a suburb by the quality of its coffee beans. Are they locally sourced? Organic? If your local café takes its beans seriously, it’s a sign that the community values quality—and that often extends to their properties. A suburb with a high “bean quality quotient” will likely reflect more discerning residents and buyers.

The barista factor

A skilled barista is like a skilled real estate agent: they know how to make the optimal end result look effortless. If your local café has a barista who can craft a perfect flat white while discussing the latest indie film or local art exhibition, you’re probably in a culturally rich area. And culture often comes with a side of property value.

The ambience angle

Is the café Instagram-worthy? Does it have that rustic charm or modern chic that makes you want to stay for hours? A café’s aesthetic can reflect the area’s vibe, and a captivating and considered space often hints at a community that values quality and good design—another tick in the potential property value box.

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The menu metaphor

Lastly, let’s talk food. A café that offers more than just smashed avo on toast is a café that likely caters to a local populace with diverse and sophisticated tastes. A varied menu can indicate a vibrant community with a well-travelled palette and elevated expectations, which could be a big drawcard for potential buyers.

The final sip

So, the next time you’re sipping on your long mac or latte, take a moment to look around. Your local café might tell you something important about an area’s inhabitants and value. And if you’re in the market for a new home, maybe start your search with a coffee test—it’s a brew-tiful (!) way to gauge a suburb’s potential!

* * * * *

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