There’s been a lot of discussion in the media this week about the local government boundary changes and council amalgamations announced by the State Government.  But what do they mean to you, to me and to our local suburbs and lifestyle?

There will be boundaries people, but not as we know them…

If you live in Inglewood, Mt Lawley  or Dianella on the Eastern side of Alexander Drive you’re most likely part of the City of Stirling.  Under the proposed super council landscape,  you’ll come under the newly amalgamated City of Bayswater /Town of Bassendean instead – Find the relevant boundary map here. It will be interesting to see what, if any, changes this brings for the Inglewood and Mt Lawley heritage precincts and to business and investment on their newly acquired section of Beaufort Street.

City of Vincent to be broken up…

Despite recommendations to the contrary, the City of Vincent will be split between the Cities of Perth and Stirling rather than returning Vincent to Perth, from where it was originally split.  Stirling has already declared that it doesn’t want or need to maintain local Vincent infrastructure such as Beatty Park  so it’s not a promising start for affected inner city residents. See the Perth map here and the Stirling map here.

Stirling don’t do villages…

It’s just my humble opinion, but I don’t think Stirling is the right council to maintain and nurture inner city villages.

Compare the centres of Mt Hawthorn, Highgate and North Perth to Inglewood and its part of Beaufort Street – Vincent was responsible for turning the first three into vibrant communities through rejuvenated residential, social and retail precincts and investment. Stirling gave Mt Lawley and Inglewood new street trees, lights, paving and bins.  Spot the difference?

Look, don’t get me wrong, Stirling seems to do suburbs, parks and urban sprawl really well.  But that’s not what areas like North Perth and Mt Hawthorn are, and I just don’t know if Stirling has the capacity or will to nurture them like Vincent has, or Perth could.

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Beaufort Street fractured…

In possibly the most perplexing move, the Mt Lawley section of Beaufort Street will be fractured between three local authorities – Bayswater/Bassendean north of Walcott St and Perth and Stirling south  (different sides of the road).   What will that do for the Beaufort Street Festival or creating a cohesive vision for development in the area? This year the City of Vincent donated $70,000 and the City of Stirling $30,000 towards the Beaufort St festival. Last year, the City of Bayswater refused a recommendation to donate $5000 to the already established Maylands Festival.

And the re-development of Centro Dianella and Light Rail?

The boundary for the newly amalgamated  Bayswater/Bassendean council will now extend west to Alexander Drive to include Centro Dianella and part of the proposed light rail route.  Stirling has been sitting on plans to redevelop the land surrounding Dianella Centro for several years and this new infrastructure and investment is much needed. It’s probably safe to assume that Bayswater/Bassendean are neither across these plans nor the ones for Light Rail and that further delays to both projects will ensue. I hope I’m wrong.

Have your say! Petition and Community Rally.

Super Councils are going to stay.  There is time and opportunity though to make your views known about the changes.

The City of Vincent and the Beaufort Street Network have organised petitions and a rally to voice its opposition to the splitting of the City and Beaufort Street. Residents can drop in to sign a petition at any business displaying a poster or attend the rally on Angove Street in North Perth on Saturday August 10th at 2pm. See the Beaufort Street Network Facebook Page for further updates.  If you’re not in Vincent and concerned about the changes to your suburb, contact your local councillor and State MP to make your views known.

Dont split Beaufort Street