Hey Perth buyers – want to know how you can up your home open question game?

First up, stop asking, “How long has the property been on the market?” and “Why are they selling?”

Neither of these tells you anything about the home or gives any indication of what it might be worth.

Are you going to decide to buy a house because it’s been on the market for a week, or a month? 

For information that’s more useful, we at Red Fox suggest asking these 4 questions instead:

1. What can you tell me about the property? 

This question is perfect for finding out some history of the home and potentially the owners as well. It’s also handy for finding out anything that may not have been in the advertising.

2. Have the owners made any improvements to the property?

One of our biggest criticisms with automated valuation reports is that they typically don’t take into account renovations and changes made to a home.

Googling when the owner bought it and what they paid for it isn’t going to tell you the full story.

How much is my property worth?
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By asking this question you at least have an idea of any value that may have been added – it may be that you’re going to benefit significantly from what the seller has invested.

3. Have you got recent area sales evidence you can share with me?

The answer to this should be yes. If you’re not already familiar with the area & sales, the agent should have information at the home open or be able to email it to you.

4. When are they hoping to move? 

If you want to know how quickly (or slowly) a seller can settle or whether or not they can take a subject-to-sale offer – ask!

Some sellers may be happy to have an extended settlement period or to rent back, some might be able to move within weeks.

If you’ve got a rental agreement that you’re currently in or an ideal time frame that you’d like to move in, there’s a good chance you can be accommodated.

The settlement period, like price, is something you can negotiate!

So next time you’re at a home open, come off autopilot, have a good look around, and ask the agent something that’s relevant to the property and your decision to buy. You’ll make a much better decision if you do.