Have you ever dreamt of living near a social precinct full of quirky bars and cafes, bustling little shops, and where your regular barista has your coffee ready exactly how you like it? (Hey there, Marnee)

You already do if you’re blessed to live here in Perth’s inner north.

So let’s delve into why showering love on our home-grown legends is essential for maintaining a vibrant and buzzing community:

A Dose of Character

Local businesses are the genuine spice merchants of community spirit. They offer a unique charm that no big chain can replicate. Picture your favourite haunt, the one with the charismatic owner who always throws in a bit of banter with your purchase — it’s not just a transaction; it’s a connection and experience.

Economic Enchanters

Did you know that a dollar spent at a local shop means more of your hard-earned cash stays in our community, spinning around faster than a hill’s hoist in a breeze? Keeping the dosh in the ‘hood means better living standards, better support for facilities, and a generally snazzier place to live.

Green and Gold

Local small businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than the big players. They’re also more likely to support other local producers. Fewer kilometres travelled means less carbon dioxide in our beloved Perth air — win-win!

Jobs Galore

Let’s not forget the jobs! Thriving local businesses translates to more job opportunities for the community. It’s a win-win, creating spaces where everyone from students to seasoned residents, can find opportunities to shine (and re-invest their hard-earned funds locally.)

The Pie Resistance

The Biscoff on top? The pièce de résistance? Is the unbeatable customer service you get when the person taking your order knows your name, your dog’s name, and exactly how devastated you were at the end of your favourite TV series. You don’t get that on Amazon. Or a self-service check-out.

So, what’s the call to action, fellow ‘hood dwellers?

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It’s to embrace the joyous jaunt to your local baker, butcher, or candlestick maker (aka homewares & gift shop).

Let’s keep our community snug as a bug, vibrant, and buzzing like a Summer backyard BBQ in full swing.

Shop local; it’s like a warm hug for our suburbs and a celebration of the spirit of Perth’s inner north – it’s why we live here.

Local is life; local is love!

Image credit: Rebecca Mansell

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