Selling your home is a bit like hosting a grand party—you want everything to look perfect, smell divine, and leave a lasting impression.

But what if you have pets?

No need to stress! Here’s our Red Fox guide to selling your home without barking up the wrong tree.

1. Pet Hair, Don’t Care? Wrong!

First things first, tackle that fur.

Even the most ardent animal lovers might wrinkle their noses at a carpet that looks more like a fur coat. A good vacuuming session is essential. If your pet sheds a lot, consider professional cleaning services. Think of it as giving your home a fur-lift!

2. Smell You Later

We adore our furry friends, but let’s be honest—sometimes, they can be a bit, well, fragrant.

To make sure your home smells as fresh as a daisy, invest in a deep clean. Air out your space, use odour-neutralising sprays, and strategically place a few fragrant but not overpowering candles or diffusers (keep the scent consistent, you don’t want to overload your buyers). The goal is for your potential buyers to be greeted by a fresh, inviting scent, not Eau de Fluffy.

3. Hide the Evidence

Prospective buyers want to envision themselves in your home, not your pets.

Tuck away pet beds, toys, and bowls (or stash them, along with your laundry, in your car for the duration of the home open).

If you have a pet-friendly home with special features like a doggy door or a cat tree, make sure they’re clean and in good condition. Highlight them as a bonus, but keep the focus on the home itself.

4. Paws Off During Showings

Pets can be unpredictable, and not everyone is a fan.

During showings, take your dogs out for a walk or a drive.

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Cats are usually ok, provided they are friendly (you don’t want to risk them scratching an overly curious child). But remember that home opens can get busy and doors will be opening and closing, so if they’re not allowed outside, or you’re not sure how they’ll react to crowds, take them with you or secure them in something safe, like a crate.

5. The Great Outdoors

If you have a yard, make sure it’s in top shape. Scoop the poop, mow the lawn, and tidy up any pet-related messes.

A well-maintained garden can be a major selling point, so let it shine without any pet distractions.

6. Picture Paw-fect

When it comes to photos, remember it’s about the house, not your pets. A clean, (mostly) pet-free image helps potential buyers focus on your home’s features.

If you want to showcase your home’s pet-friendly aspects, communicate them to the agent so they can highlight them in their video or feature list.

7. Furry Friend Finale

Lastly, be upfront about pet-related wear and tear.

Honesty is the best policy – disclose minor damage caused by pets or repair it before the photos and home opens so it’s in tip top shape.

Final Thoughts

Selling your home with pets doesn’t have to be a hairy ordeal. With a little extra effort, you can ensure your home looks its best, smells delightful, and appeals to all potential buyers.

Remember, it’s all about making your home as inviting as possible while keeping the pet factor discreetly under wraps.

Happy selling, and may your next home be just as pawsome for you and your furry friends!