If you don’t want to have home opens, don’t advertise your property for sale online!

When you advertise your property for sale, buyers expect to be able to come and see it. In Western Australia, the typical way to view a property is via a home open.

Sometimes it’s the sellers that don’t want home opens. Sometimes it’s the agents that tell sellers they don’t need them. So let’s look at some of common reasons given for not having home opens and de bunk them!

1.You don’t want the neighbours coming to stickybeak.

Why do you care what the neighbours think? You’re selling & moving anyway! A busy home open is a great home open. I once sold a property to a buyer who was asking about the neighbours and I was able to tell them to head out to the backyard where they could meet them in person! Neighbours often know someone that’s looking to move into the area too – the bigger the buyer pool, the better the likely result. Don’t sabotage your chances of getting the best outcome.

2. You think if a buyer is genuine, they’ll call to see it.

A small number of very active buyers may, but a much larger pool of potential buyers won’t. Again, your buyer pool is going to be greatly diminished if you go the open by appointment only route. Buyers don’t like the agent acting as a gatekeeper and in this market they’re in no hurry to buy. If they don’t see a home open advertised this weekend or they see that a property is advertised as “inspection by appointment only” the majority will just move onto to look at your competition instead.

3. You’ve been open for four weeks and the agent has advised to “give it a rest” to build up buyer enquiries (!) or move to fortnightly home opens.

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What this often means is that the agent is either a) bored with opening your property because it hasn’t already sold or b) too busy with other listings and needs to be able to schedule other home opens. If you’re not opening not only are you potentially missing out on buyers, you’re missing out on valuable feedback about your property and you’re going stale twice as quick. 

If buyers aren’t coming to the home opens the solution isn’t to open less – that’s telling you that they’re most likely not seeing value at the current price and  that your marketing may also need to change. When you skip a week of home opens you’ve suddenly gone from being on the market for 6 weeks to being on the market for 8 weeks – that’s not going to lead to a better result.

Now if the property isn’t moving, is attracting little buyer interest and you’ve dug your heels in on price, I can understand an agent wanting to give more attention to sellers that are more motivated to sell. But if you want to get the property sold, make sure the agent is scheduling home opens and if you’re not getting offers look at your price, presentation and/or promotion strategies and talk to your agent about what needs to change to get the result.

And if you really really really don’t want to have home opens, try selling it off market with an active local agent first, rather than putting it onto the internet and risk overexposing it without a result. 

But ultimately, if you’re serious about selling, find an agent that’s prepared to go hard with the sale or else you might find yourself staying at home!

Photo by Richard Balog on Unsplash

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