Photo taken by Nadia Nelson

The friendship and support I received from mums and carers in my local playgroup was central to me navigating the early years of parenthood, and I’m blessed to still have those people as friends to this day.

Playgroups come in many different forms. There are those based around a specific educational and learning philosophy (like Montessori), geographically based associations with designated rooms and playgrounds, playgroups based around specific cultural or language groups, or informal groups of parents who choose to meet on a semi regular basis at a designated location (like our local Pram Picnics).

If you’re looking to join a local playgroup  here’s a list and contact details of those the I know of operating in the suburbs surrounding or nearby Beaufort Street (in alphabetical order). Thanks to those playgroups who responded with their details.

Bayswater Playgroup

The Bayswater Playgroup operates  from the Bayswater Family Centre at 53 Murray Street Bayswater. They have a comprehensive website with details of their playgroup sessions and a toy library which is also available to members – link here.  The playgroup offers 4, 2 hour sessions per day, Monday to Friday as well as  German and Japanese speaking playgroup sessions.

Address: Bayswater Family Center, 53 Murray St, Bayswater
Email: [email protected]         

Highgate Forrest Park Playgroup

The Highgate Forrest Park Playgroup operates from a purpose built facility located in Forrest Park, Harold Street, Mount Lawley. They offer a choice of 3, two hour long sessions (morning, lunch or afternoon) from Monday to Friday and Russian language sessions on Saturdays. Like Bayswater, they also have a  website with more details which you can find here.

Address: Forrest Park, Harold Street, Mount Lawley
Email: [email protected]

Inglewood Clinic Playgroup

Held in the Clinic at the Community Centre (next to the Library) at the corner of Ninth Avenue and  Beaufort Street, Inglewood, the playgroup offers a choice of 2 morning sessions daily.  At the time of writing they had spots available in their existing 9:30am sessions as well as some whole group session times available.

Address: Inglewood Clinic, cnr Ninth Avenue & Beaufort Street, Inglewood
Email: [email protected]

Maylands Playgroup

The Maylands Playgroup  offers a choice of two playgroup sessions per day Monday to Friday during each school term.  The Playgroup is located at 5 Richard Street, Maylands next to DeLacey Reserve. Check out their website or contact them per the email address below.

Address: 5 Richard Street, Maylands
email: [email protected]

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Menora Playroup

Menora Playgroup is set in the grounds of the beautiful Alexander Park Tennis Club in Menora.  It comprises of a playroom, kitchen, verandah, a large shaded sandpit and outdoor playground.  New families with young children are always welcome to join Menora Playgroup, with several timeslots currently available.  Menora Playgroup is open weekdays 9am-5pm during school terms, and groups run for 2 hours either in the morning or the afternoon.

Address: Alexander Park Tennis Club, Clyde Road, Menora
Email: [email protected]

North Perth Playgroup

Located at 15 Haynes Street, North Perth, the North Perth Playgroup  offers up to 3 sessions per day, Monday to Friday throughout the full year.  New members are welcome to attend up to 3 sessions for free before joining.

Address: 15 Haynes Street, North Perth
Phone:  Belinda 0421 086 935 or Alecia 0402 339 149

Pram Picnic

Local Mum Rachel Barr established Pram Picnic as a way for local Mum’s to connect informally at a range of different local parks and meeting places. Check out the blog  for details of the monthly meet-ups which run from approximately 9:00am to 11:00am.  There are no joining fees and it’s BYO everything.

Yokine Community Playgroup

The Yokine Community Playgroup is housed in what was an ex-Kindy on the corner of Blythe Avenue and Ranger Road, Yokine. The Playgroup typically offers several sessions per day Monday to Friday.

Address: 26 Ranger Road, Yokine
email: [email protected]

What has your experience of our local playgroups been like? Are there any that I’ve missed? Do you have a local gathering for young children and their carers that you’d like included in this post? Drop me a line – would love to hear from you.