About Jade

Two things you should know about me: 1. I *really* like to walk! (I reckon it’s a bit underrated as a pastime) and 2. I’m a huge advocate of empathy being an essential part of any decent real estate toolkit.

It can seem like a fine line to walk, that sales-y space between pushy and passive. But that space is where empathy comes in. It takes buckets of it to guide buyers to make solid decisions and help sellers reach their target price while respecting that, again, real estate is personal. (And, hey, I already mentioned that I really love a good stroll.)

Tuning into your real estate needs is an art as much as it’s a science. You know as well as I do that it’s not all beds, baths, and, “how big a house will fit on this block?” It’s about feeling. It’s about intention. It’s about matching homes with their perfect humans. And it’s why, after 24+ years in the game, I’m still enamoured with real estate.

So if you ever spot me legging it down Angove Street just know my head is full of formulas and strategies, negotiation and plans, goals and ideas.

But my heart? Full to overflowing with excitement and satisfaction and joy in getting your home sold to someone who will love it as you do. It is the Red Fox way, after all.

Still, I’ve got plenty more love to go around. For the Perth restaurant scene, for yoga and gardening, and for my brilliant kids who I’ve raised into young adults all while getting to do this gig that I treasure so much.

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