In the lead-up to the annual insanity that is Christmas, presents aren’t the only thing on people’s shopping lists. For many Perth locals, finding a new home also seems to be a priority.

At Red Fox, November is often one of our busiest months of the year, following on from what is normally a pretty hectic October. Hence why in the industry it’s known as the selling season.

And here’s a fun fact: the stats show that Perth property sellers benefit from a slight bump in their sale price in November too.

There’s something about the looming end of the year, and perhaps also the better weather, that seems to create a stronger sense of urgency among property buyers.

It’s that desire to either buy or be in a new home by Christmas or the new year – the latter being a traditional time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Plus buyers with families want to get settled before the kids go back to school.

If you’re thinking of selling and hoping to take advantage of the increase in market activity, our advice is to try and get onto the market by the end of November if you can.

Properties do sell over Christmas and New Year. But buyer activity decreases, your buyer pool reduces, and your own time off will be interrupted by having to clean & prepare for ad hoc inspections of the property – not fun.

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Unless you have to list in December (last year we put two homes on the market the week before Christmas and sold them both Christmas Eve, so it’s definitely doable), the market naturally picks up again from mid-Jan and pretty much continues consistently through the rest of the year. 

So if you miss this month, it’s no big deal. Better to spend the extra time getting ready than rush and hit the market half-done.

Properties will sell any time of the year, and the best time to sell is when it suits you! (We’ve written a blog about that too, you can read it here).

If you’re thinking of hitting the market before Christmas, or early next year, get some feedback and a plan in place now. That way, you can take advantage of the upcoming weekends or any time off you have over the holidays to get your property sale-ready.

At Red Fox, helping our clients get their homes into peak selling condition is one of our specialties. Call us now on 0405 812 273 to tee up a time to chat and ask how.