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Am I the only one that’s tired of hearing about bins?

One of my pet peeves with political campaigns is that they often end up focusing on negative scaremongering or tit for tat issues at the expense of what really makes a difference to our lifestyle and standard of living (and me being in real estate, property values) – vision.

Take the ongoing debate on local government boundary changes.  This week the City of Bayswater (CofB) has taken out two and a half pages of advertising in the Eastern Reporter, assumedly paid for by CofB rate payers, to promote its heritage track record and to respond to a letter drop to City of Stirling residents. Apparently, Inglewood and Dianella residents should be thrilled about the proposed merger with CofB because they won’t lose community facilities (we built a state of the art library in Maylands), will be in a council that has made the finals in two categories for the State Heritage Awards 2014 (read our  two page advertising spread), will have a three bin system for waste and the availability of up to three skip bins a year instead of verge collections, and will become part of a Council that cares for a swamp in the City of Swan (its not even in our Council!).

I know, I know, I’m being incredibly sarcastic.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean to diminish the City of Bayswater’s achievements. The Rise in Maylands is a great facility, made even better by the local community claiming the outside lawn for the Saturday Night Hawkers Market.  The skip bins would be less unsightly than the verge collection and the heritage nominations and care for Lightning Swamp are to be commended.  But, really, are these the big issues that will improve the quality of lifestyle and property values for Inglewood and Dianella residents?

Where’s the Vision?!

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What’s going to happen to the eyesore and expanse of under-utilised space that’s currently Centro Dianella? What are the plans for the development and enhancement of Inglewood’s arguably under performing section of Beaufort Street (as opposed to what’s happened in the cafe and retail scenes in recent years in Maylands, North Perth, Mt Lawley, Highgate and Mt Hawthorn, which have streaked ahead in vibrancy and popularity)? How does each Council plan to contribute to nurturing and growing the distinct village and community identities of these suburbs, or do they see them being subsumed into some greater urban whole?

C’mon Stirling and Bayswater, get out from behind the barricades and lift the level of debate.  Don’t fall into fear of loss issues or mine’s bigger than yours, talk about the future, the positives, the big stuff that matters and will make a real difference to the quality of life for affected Inglewood and Dianella residents. It’s time to move on from bins and heritage and onto VISION.