The short answer is YES you need to have a sign when you’re selling.

There are three reasons we recommend signs:

The first is to attract the attention of PASSIVE buyers, people that aren’t actively on the internet looking for a property but potentially looking to move for the right house or location.

I once sold a house because a buyer accidentally drove down the wrong street, saw our sign, and instantly feel in love with the look of the home. True story!

The second reason is that it helps potential buyers find your property easily.

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Buyers often like to drive past a property before they go to see it and the sign gives them a reason to pull over and look at the property rather than keep going. It’s all about gaining and holding their interest and attention.

The third benefit of a sign, particularly if it has photos, is that it allows potential buyers to get a glimpse inside the home. Think of your sign as a shop window display. If buyers like what they see, the chances are they’ll come to a home open.

And if you’re worried about the neighbours knowing you’re moving? Who cares! You’re leaving anyway. Don’t let it hold you back from giving your property the best possible chance of selling.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels