At Red Fox, we love no-price property marketing. The amount of buyer enquiry it generates is huge.

But if you’re one of those buyers that gets peeved when there’s no price, you’re likely missing a simple step:

Using a search range

Every property listed for sale with no price, such as Expressions of Interest, Offers, Auction, or Set Date Sale, has a back-end search price.

The search price must be entered by the Agency for the property to appear in the online portals.

If you’ve got a budget of $750,000 for example, and you enter a search range of $700,000 to $800,000, a property with a back-end search price of $900,000 won’t be displayed.

If you want to find out (roughly, as a minimum) what an Agent might be expecting for a property, you just need to play around with the search ranges until the property appears in your results.

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See, simple!

No more thinking you might be in with a chance to buy the million-dollar home when you’ve got a budget of $500k again.

So next time a property is advertised for no price, refine your search using the minimum and maximum prices. It will save you getting p*d off, and you’ll know straight away if it’s potentially within your range or not.

Happy buying!

PS – At Red Fox, we provide a selection of local area sales evidence to anyone that enquires by email on an Expression of Interest property. We also have sales information available at our home opens. Other recent local sales are also a great way of gauging where a home might sit.

So next time you see a no-price property you’re keen on – and you think it might be in your budget – email the agent and ask for the same.