Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated with homes and architecture. I remember going to display homes with my parents and being engrossed by the different floor plans and designs – it all seemed so fresh, exciting and new.

As an adult, who with my husband has gone through the process of building, renovating, buying and selling probably too many times (if there is such a thing?!), I still get excited going to home opens, visiting display homes, poring over house plans and shopping for furniture, fixtures and fittings.

When travelling, I find myself drawn to local architecture, churches, mosques and temples. Barcelona? My version of heaven – although the amazing food and Rioja might have something to do with it too. I get glassy eyed when I look at a Gehry, but confess I can get just as excited when I’m invited to appraise a local home I haven’t yet seen.

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The only job I’d like more than the one I already have is Kevin McLeod’s of Grand Designs. I love that program not just for the houses themselves, but for the vision, commitment and passion of the owners and the labour of love that each project invariably becomes. Which brings me to reality renovation shows, which I just can’t connect with, but that’s another blog…

I’m fortunate that for the most part my husband shares my passions, or kindly indulges me in them at the very least, and that many of my friends and a aquaintances are as tragically addicted as I am. So to those of you who find yourselves indulging in a bit of vicarious “property porn” on the Internet or stopping at a home open just to have a squizz – it’s ok – there are others like you too! And you might want to think about a career in real estate. 😉