Do you want to know what DIY gets you the biggest bang for your selling buck?

Based on our experience here at Red Fox, it’s these:

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  1. Go Kondo

    If you’re planning to move, now’s the time to declutter and eliminate your excess crap. If it doesn’t spark joy, bin it. You need to pack anyway; start the process early. Bonus – there’s less to unpack at the other end!

  2. Storage

    Do you need more, or less, of it? Buyers are often obsessed with storage, and well-positioned shelving or storage units can make a big difference to the appeal of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or living space. Don’t overdo it –  too many bookcases, chests of drawers or free-standing storage units can clutter up a room and make it seem smaller than it is. 

  3. Paint

    Painting is the easiest way to freshen up your home. Got an 80’s feature wall? Paint it out. Think your 90’s cream is neutral? Yeah, nup. Keep it light and, ideally, white!

  4. Replace your bathroom fittings & mirrors

    Taps, showerheads, rails and bathroom mirrors are often the first things to go manky in a home. Daily use, steam and calcium build-up don’t help. If you’re handy, you can replace them with something reasonable from Bunnings. If not, get a local handyperson or plumber to help. You’ll be amazed at how different your bathroom will look simply by replacing your old mirrors and tapware.

  5. Sort out all the minor maintenance items

    Buyers strongly prefer move-in ready homes with nothing to spend or do. They want to hang up their clothes, plop down their couch, plug in their tele and order Uber eats. Anything you don’t do, they’ll factor in the cost. And then add some. Well maintained homes fell like loved homes. Buyers place more value on and are more likely to buy, something that looks well cared for than something that looks like it’s been let go.

  6. Garden

    Boiling water will quickly sort out the weeds in your paving. Hack back overgrown plants and pull out the dead ones. Apply Wetta Soil to your lawn if it’s starting to repel water & needs a helping hand. Mulch is an easy way to make your plants pop and looks much better than plain sand. It’s all about the street appeal.

  7. Clean

    This one should be self-explanatory. Buyers don’t mind dated; they do mind dirty. Cobwebs, floor coverings, walls, windows, shelving, your oven, the bathroom tiles & shower screen – go over the whole home. Give the outside of your house a hose down (a soft broom and water with dishwashing detergent work wonders), and shock yourself at how much better it looks. (What would you look like if you never took your make-up off?!) And hire or borrow a pressure cleaner for your paving too. It will come up like new. Trust me.

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