Thinking about selling? Want to get the best possible price when you do? Then here are 20 common seller traps you want to avoid (with slight tongue in cheek)…

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  1. The best way to decide the listing price for our property is to take the highest figure we hope to achieve and add to that a margin for negotiation
  2. We’re not in a hurry to sell, we can afford to wait to get our price
  3. If we don’t list for the highest possible price, we won’t get it
  4. We’ll list with the agent who has the most listings because they’ll get us the best result
  5. We’ll list with the agent who says they have the most buyers and the biggest database because they’ll get us the best result
  6. Our most likely buyer is the one that has seen our property in the window of a real estate agent’s office
  7. Our most likely buyer is the one that walks into a local agents office asking to buy a property
  8. We’ll end up with the most amount of money by choosing the agency that doesn’t charge us for marketing
  9. We’ll end up with the most amount of money by choosing the agent who charges us the cheapest fees
  10. We don’t need professional photos
  11. We wouldn’t benefit from professional styling advice
  12. It doesn’t matter if our home debuts on page 3 of the internet listings for our suburb – we’ve saved money on the marketing
  13. Having a for sale sign with a big photo of our agent is the best way to promote our property to potential buyers
  14. It’s ok if the house looks a little “lived in” – buyers can see past it being a bit untidy
  15. We expect a family to buy our home so we think they’d like to see lots of toys and photos and things
  16. All this furniture shows how much you can fit in!
  17. My collection of football memorabilia/jewellery/teddies/china/playboy poster covers is quirky and interesting – someone will love it!
  18. We had a huge turnout for the first home open so we should get even more people next week!
  19. If we got a good offer this quickly there must be a buyer who’ll pay even more (or we’ve under priced it!)
  20. It will sell for what we want – we just need to wait for the right buyer.

Are you trying to sell and stuck on any of these myths? Have you been getting the best possible advice about selling your property? What other real estate myths have you come across? Love to hear your thoughts.